It starts with you.

Leadership Giving

Leadership donors, a large part of United Way's successful fund raising efforts, demonstrate their leadership and commitment to the work of United Way by giving at generous and exemplary levels. To honor these special individuals, membership in the Pillar's Club is extended to any individual or family whose personal annual gift totals $1000 or more.

Tiered levels

Tiered levels of recognition offer the opportunity for leadership donors to step up their level of commitment to the Pillar's Club as their own prosperity and success increase.

  • Alexis de Tocqueville            $10,000 or more

  • Gold                                             $5,000-$9,999

  • Silver                                           $2,500-$4,999

  • Copper                                        $1,500-$2499

  • Bronze                                         $1,000-$1,499

To learn more about the Pillar's Club and how Leadership Gifts bring results through United Way funded programs, call (740) 653-0643.


What does United Way do?

The United Way provides more than funding to a community. We research community problems, identify existing solutions, and seek new initiatives to solve issues so funds are not wasted. Funds are then invested where they will produce the greatest results.

Why give to United Way instead of a specific agency?

A gift to United Way will assure the availability of an entire network of human services. For example: A homeless family needs food, clothing and shelter. If you give to a specific agency you can make this happen. But, what if the family also needs job training, daycare, and counseling to leave the shelter? No one agency can meet all the needs of this family. United Way makes sure all these services are available, from the temporary bed to the long-term solution.

How does United Way do it?

United Way utilizes caring volunteers to study the community, assess the needs and priorities, evaluate existing programs, ask for contributions from businesses and individuals, allocate the funds to meet the needs and ultimately, measure the results.

i don’t have much to give…

No matter how much you choose to give, you'll be helping to improve the lives of families in Fairfield County. Your donation is joined by many others to support a network of programs & partnerships to get results.