Work Place Fair Share Giving 

A fair share gift is equivalent to one hour’s wage per month or 0.6% of annual income. A great step towards leadership giving. This qualifies you for our annual discount card providing special pricing at many local retailers. Often we have a sponsor provide a special prize to give away through a drawing of fair share givers.

But I work outside Fairfield County…
Designate United Way of Fairfield County!

Why it’s important

As Fairfield County grows, so does the community. Nearly one third of contributions come from county residents who designate their gift back home. If you work outside of Fairfield County, be sure to designate your dollars back home.

How do I designate?

To designate Fairfield County, simply write in Fairfield County, Lancaster, OH and the designation code 99. Designations must be annually declared. By choosing to designate Fairfield County you are helping those who are in need right here in your community. Does this work for everyone? I’m thinking about the companies that run their own campaigns with their own forms.

ALL size gifts can make a difference!

The United Way is able to pull the resources of many donors to create significant impact in our community where it is most needed.

Call our office at (740) 653-0643 for additional information.

Gifts that help now  

  • Cash

  • Appreciated Stock

  • Property 

Digital Giving

  • Social Media 

  • Text to Give 

  • Kroger Rewards Program

  • Amazon Smile Program

Gifts that help later

Major Gifts and Planned Giving

Major Gifts and Planned Giving assures the future of United Way and what matters most to you.

As a United Way supporter, you have demonstrated your passionate commitment to improving lives and community conditions. On behalf of the lives you have touched, thank you. Now you have the opportunity to magnify your impact. 

Charitable Bequest

A charitable bequest Involves naming United Way in your will or estate plan. This provides a gift to Untied Way when you pass away. You can leave a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar amount, or what is left when all other bequests are fulfilled

Beneficiary Designation

You may name United Way in an existing life insurance policy or retirement account through a change of beneficiary form. The change of beneficiary form can be requested from your plan administrator or insurance provider. This can provide an easy way to give to an important cause without paying the estate tax or tax that is charged when individual beneficiaries receive transferred funds.

United Way Life

You may also elect to give a new life insurance policy to United Way. By having United Way own the policy, you can receive a tax deduction for the premiums during your income earning years while creating a gift outside of your estate. We have a program to help make this an easy process, and we would be happy to provide you with an estimate of cost based on your current situation.

Charitable Gift Annuity

You may elect to give United Way cash or stock. In exchange, United Way agrees to make guaranteed payments to the named beneficiaries for as long as they live. United Way receives the remainder when the beneficiaries have passed away.

Making a planned gift to the United Way is simple, rewarding and incredibly impactful. Your legacy gift will support the United Way far into the future and help improve lives and community conditions for generations to come. To take the first step and to learn more, please contact Scott Reed at (740) 653-0643.

United Way Endowment Fund

You already have a significant and meaningful long-term relationship with United Way. Take the next step and make United Way's Legacy your own by ensuring that future generations will have the resources to continue improving lives and community conditions in Fairfield County. You can do this by making a planned gift to United Way's endowment. These gifts housed at the Fairfield Foundation in United Way's name will help improve lives for generations to come.

Gift planning professionals at United Way are here to help whether or not your goal is leaving your legacy, supporting a program/initiative of great interest to you, creating a lasting remembrance of the values you embrace, making yourself happy, supplementing your income, or lowering your taxes. We will partner with you, your family, and your financial advisor to help you achieve personal philanthropic goals while ensuring that your philanthropic vision is a reality.

The purpose of our endowment is to provide caring community investors the opportunity to make available a stable funding source for programs and initiatives crucial to the long term success of the Fairfield County community.