Our Mission
Improving lives through the caring power of our community.

Our Vision
We will focus our resources to achieve the greatest impact on community needs.  We will accomplish our mission by convening, leading and challenging community partners to develop and support programs that improve quality of life.  We will create long-term change by measuring results.
Community Impact
Here in Fairfield County, we're focused on critical issues such as helping children and youth succeed, family stability, health care, mental health and wellness and job development.
Our goal is long lasting change that prevents problems from happening in the first place. We realize that we may never prevent problems, however we are focused on building a community where everyone has opportunities and resources to reach their potential.
Too many families are walking along a financial tightrope, barely getting by, with no ability to save for college, a home, or retirement. We are working to transform that financial tightrope into solid ground by helping families learn the basics of budgeting, increase their income and start to set aside savings.


United Way of Fairfield County • 115 South Broad Street, Lancaster, Ohio 43130
Telephone: (740) 653-0643 | Fax: (740) 653-1139

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